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Find out the state of your land, with a full Soil Food Web soil analysis.

Understanding your soil biology is the first step to balanced soil and healthy crops.



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The Soil Biology Lab Analysis

Balancing Microbes offers assessments of soil, compost, and (depending on your location) compost tea and compost extract. This analysis identifies the biology that you need to have in balance, to grow successfully.


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Solving Soil Problems

Are you struggling with poor soil quality? Pests and diseases and low produce yield are often a symptom of soil that is out of balance.

Let’s get to the root of the problem – answers are often found in the soil!

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Soil Microorganisms

The soil contains millions of microorganisms. A soil biology analysis looks at bacteria, fungi, protozoan and nematodes – this gives us a clear picture of how to build foundational soil biology.

Balanced Soil = Healthy Soil

We provide analysis of the Soil Food Web including data on bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes in your soil. and identify any detrimental organisms that are present.

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What Is The Soil Food Web?

The Soil Food Web is made up of tiny unseen organisms, breathing, eating, and reproducing in our soils.

The Soil Food Web plays important roles in the health of soils and plants.

  • They decompose organic compounds.
  • They release and store nutrients in their bodies.
  • The soil biology helps to create your soil structure allowing air and water to enter or drain off.
  • The microorganisms produce waste products as nutrients which are perfect plant foods.
  • They are also an important food source for other organisms.
  • They are Nature’s mop-up crew, cleaning away disease and pathogens.

Plant nutrients are increased when the biology is in balance, but then we see disease, pest, and weeds when the soil food web is out of balance.


Balance Soil microbes
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Do you want to improve your soil health?

Are you trying to reduce fertiliser costs?

Do you want to build carbon in your soil?

Are you struggling with weed suppression?

Do you want to inhibit pests and diseases?

All these things are affected by the soil biology – if you bring that into balance, you will see a significant change in all these factors.

If you know the microorganism community living in your soil, you have taken the first step in understanding your soil’s quality.

Balancing Microbes provide microscopic soil analysis that gives you a better understanding of your soil. 


Are Your Crops Producing Low Yields?

The Answer is in The Soil.
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Why Test the Soil Biology?

Did you know that healthy soils are teeming with beneficial soil microorganisms? These microorganisms have the magical ability to improve soil structure and fertility. Here at Balancing Microbes lab, we offer Soil Food Web microbiological analysis to give you an accurate reading of your soil biodiversity. Our lab technician – Lisa Price – uses the Soil Food Web methods developed by Dr. Elaine Ingham. The tests we do to establish the current amount, and the ratio of microbes in your soil, can give you an accurate snap-shot of your soil health.

Dr. Elaine’s™ Soil Food Web methods are an effective way to rapidly regenerate agricultural soils. Farmers using the Soil Food Web approach are reducing, or even eliminating the use of chemicals.


Restoring the Soil Food Web to agricultural soils restores productivity and profitability to agriculture.

Dr. David Johnson

Research Scientist and Molecular Biologist

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