Soil Sample Protocol

What’s Included in the Soil Food Web – Soil Biology Assessment

A Complete Soil Food Web Assessment includes quantification of all the following organism groups: actinobacteria, total bacteria, total fungi, oomycetes (disease-causing fungi), protozoa, and nematodes.


Standard rate: $77.00 per sample

Soil Biology Test – Sampling Instructions

Soil…. Take a minimum of 3 cores. Take cores of soil from the surface down to a depth of 10cm. Removing any organic matter.  Put all soil cores in a clean plastic bucket and mix the cores together thoroughly to form a composite sample and put the sample into a new plastic sandwich size bag. Do not seal till just before mailing. Using a permanent marker pen, label the bag containing the composite sample with the date collected, and the paddock/garden bed sampled, and what is growing. (e.g. pasture, avocados, weeds).

Best to keep samples separate if growing different crops.

Compost…..Take 5 tablespoons for small, and 20 tablespoons for large windrow compost. Take from different areas of the compost and add to plastic bag. Label with date and name.

Liquids….Teas or Extracts Fill a 500ml clean plastic water bottle ¼ of the way with sample. Seal just before mailing with tape around the lid. (Run a test sample a few days prior to know that the liquid doesn’t leek or expand with gases.) Label with date and name and sample contents.

When you send your soil sample, please include the order number you received on checkout, your name, address and email.

Qld Soil test - sample protocol

Soil Sample Shipping Instructions:

Seal samples just prior to mailing. (Biology need air)

Samples must be sent with Express Post

Lisa Price. 

Po Box 605


Qld 4888

Please add my phone number – 0429007783 to the address.

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